Monday, November 6, 2017

Classic Post - Philadelphia Flyers' Hall of Famer Bernie Parent Reflects on Pelle Lindbergh's Life

Another anniversary of Pelle Lindbergh's unfortunate passing takes place this month. The thoughts Bernie Parent shared with me in 2010 always come to mind during this time.

The paragraphs shown below were cut from a one-on-one interview I conducted with Parent at his office in New Jersey in the fall of 2010. Lindbergh died tragically in November 1985. He was 26-years-old. 

Thomas Tynander and Bill Meltzer's book Behind the White Mask, contains a sharply detailed description of Lindbergh's life, career, and the father-son type relationship that he had with Parent. We discussed the book and his remembrances of Lindbergh.

Pelle was here on Earth for a brief moment that was cut a little bit short. We are spiritual people and
I believe that when someone passes away they move onto a new place in their eternal life,” Parent reflected.

During the 1981-82 season, Lindbergh was struggling. When he was sent to the Flyers minor league team in Maine, Parent suggested that he go with him. Through his guidance, Lindbergh returned to the Flyers during that season. He went on to win the Vezina trophy in 1984-85, which Parent presented to him at the awards ceremony.

I opened the envelope and his name was listed as the winner. He came up on stage and gave me hug. It was a big moment,” Parent fondly recalled.

I was very grateful that I was a part of his life. A paradigm was passed from Plante, the master, to me and then I passed what I had learned on to Pelle. He had a lot of good qualities that could benefit us today,” Parent said of his former protege.
Here is a link to the complete interview that I conducted with Bernie Parent. 
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