Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Filling a blank page

I've always loved a blank page. 

Having the ability to fill an open space with ideas is exciting. Some people (including some writers) dread the thought of starting that first paragraph, chapter, story, book, or whatever. I've never faced that self-imposed block. 

Rationalizing reality

I also find it interesting that some people talk about the characters they create in fiction stories as though they were living human beings whose spirits they somehow channel through their minds, onto the page, and out into the world. (However we need to rationalize the processing of ideas that come from our individual life experiences and are transferred into written words, right?)

Writing is a method of talking by typing. Sometimes it's also accomplished by pushing that old school pencil (or pen) across the page. 

Your talent comes from within you

Whatever stage you are at in life or in your career be sure to keep one fact in mind: Your talent comes from within you. For some (including me) that means a balanced God-given, genetically received, and environmentally produced process. For others it means something undefinable and vague.

Write, write, and then write some more. Through that process you'll learn if, or how good you are. Depending upon how successful you are, public opinion will also serve to enlighten your ego along the way. 

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