Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thome to return to Phillies? & Roy Halladay's Sunday Showdown

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Phillies - The Phillies have released recently signed left-handed slugger Jack Cust from his contract at Lehigh Valley. This means that the team's need for power lefty bat will have to come from elsewhere.

While former Phillie Jim Thome would have to clear through every other team in the waiver process, he can also opt to reject any team that claims him. So, it is possible that the Phillies could obtain him.

The classy slugger still had juice left in his tank. While he has not good off the bench in his career, the prospect of reuniting with Charlie Manuel and wearing pinstripes once again would certainly play into any potential results he could generate.

Do they want to? Will  it happen? That's one of the things that baseball late in the season is all about. Stay tuned.

Roy Halladay met the Nationals for a Sunday showdown.

The best pitcher since Steve Carlton has a chance to enter the Hall of Fame. In order to make it, he will need to stay healthy and productive for five years, or more.

That length of production should yield close to 100 more wins and a few more Cy Young awards.

A World Series championship, or two (or three) would help his cause as well.

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