Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yankees and Athletics Offer Dueling Versions of Playoff Moneyball

Headline Topic: Baseball's Class Warfare

The following is a lesson in how to use the Yankees (rich kids) and the A's (poor kids) baseball playoff games to spout off about random topics: 

Most people aren't rich, including me. But, I don't assume to know how other people got their money. I also don't care if they inherited it, or earned it. (If they stole it, or stole it from me, then I care.)

Many people carry childhood grudges about whatever personality types they were envious of through to their adult lives. I think that's a large part of what adults are saying when they talk about whoever they think is rich, or poor today.

Is the man with a million dollars in the bank, but who also has a broken family, wealthier than the man who makes $40,000 per year and has a wife and two kids? 

Is the woman who chose to fully embrace a careerist mentality and then allowed strangers to raise her child, more successful than the woman who made sacrifices to stay at home with her children until they were of school age?

The answers to those questions break down on personality lines. 

When we see people rooting for the Yankees, or the A's, or one of the two main Presidential candidates, we see who people really are. 

I love baseball, but don't begrudge any professional baseball player, or any team, their just due. 

I fully understand that injustice has, does and will always exist in the world. I have, do, and will always support (and become personally involved in) efforts to change things that I think need to be changed. 

But, I will also enjoy life along the way. That last sentence is something that people who get too caught up in themselves don't seem to understand. We must never turn away from those people, but try and help them to see the whole world.

Recent Headline Topic:  Hope for Phillies' Darin 'Babe' Ruf 

Seeing Darin Ruf hit numerous home runs out of a Double-A park in Reading was thrilling. Seeing him hit his first major league home run, during the first game that he started in left field for the Philadelphia Phillies was priceless (to coin an advertising cliche.)  

Will he actually develop into a major league player? Could that happen by next season? No one knows the answers to these questions, but personal stories have always drawn me to this specific game.

Here is my feature article about him.

Classic Headline Topic:  The Best Phillies of the Current Era

-->>Due to the volume of interest generated in this specific article, it has been re-posted. If you have read it, or choose to open this link now, I hope that you enjoy:  
The 10 Best Philadelphia Phillies of This Era

Classic Headline Topic: The anniversary of Pete Rose's 4,192 hit.

Pete broke Ty Cobb's hit record on 9/11/85. The man was unique in the annals of baseball history. 

For those who are interested, my recent feature comments on Rose's time with the Phillies and the complex feelings that many of us have about his gambling issues:
Phillies' great Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, and baseball justice

Classic Headline Topic: Three Flyers' Legends

Each of these Flyers' legends (Brian Propp, Dave Poulin and Tim Kerr) deserved their own feature article:

Here is a link to the story about Propp: 

Recent Headline Topic: Eagles-Giants' Game

Both teams are 2-1. This looks to be a game the Eagles should win. 

Divisional and Conference games matter just as much now as they do later in the season. The Birds can't let this one slip away. 

It will be interesting to see how Vick performs in what has been an erratic effort to-date.

Recent Headline Topic: Tony DiLeo 

The hiring of DiLeo as GM promotes from within and represents another feel-good move that the newest Sixers ownership group has made. 

With Doug Collins seemingly likely to continue to have strong influence on this team, all signs remain positive for the resurgence of this basketball franchise. 


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