Monday, November 19, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles Revealed As The "Negadelphia" Source

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Headline Topic: Eagles - "Negadelphia" Link

This is hardly a scientific theory, but here goes:

For generations the city of Philadelphia has earned a reputation for being negative about all things sports. It's crusty edge originates from many sources, but I think it is actually centered on the "Green Team" and their fans

Think about it, only one team hasn't won a championship during most people's lifetimes. Constant letdowns, false hopes, endless roster moves, and on and on and on. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are the origin and still-central source of the the negative vibe in the city. The same can't be said of the Sixers, Flyers, or Phillies. It just can't.

My question doesn't involve why the football team rouses strong interest, because that's connected to the actual sport (football) itself. 

My question is: What does that support say about those who support that team? Do people actually feel more comfortable in relentlessly supporting a loser, rather than in simply not watching the team play? Apparently so. Other dysfunctional relationships (bad marriages, vengeful family members, false friends) follow the same destructive course. 

Solution: Stop following the team so closely. You will need to resist the enablers who are all around you to do so, but it's possible. Take it from someone who broke the habit more than ten years ago. I was not rooting against them, but didn't watch a full game during the Eagles' Super Bowl year and only turned on that final playoff game against the Patriots in the second half. I also haven't watched a full game ever since then.

->What have I missed during that time? 

-->What have the "fans" gained since then, that I (and others like me) have not?

I want to add that I didn't begin to support another football team during these years. I'm waiting until this franchise gets serious before investing any further time in it. It's that simple. 

Finally, let me add that (in all seriousness) that I think it's totally okay if you like football, the Eagles and sharing this sport with your friends. For me, I just found that it was best to move in a different direction. I'll be there with all of you if we (yes, we) win the Super Bowl someday. I just haven't been able to motivate myself to support that cause for a number of years because it didn't look like a real winner to me. I hope, for everyone's sake, that the future is a better football place for all of us.
Recent Headline Topic: The new Reading Fightin Phils

My experience working in minor league baseball at the start of my career taught me that marketing was king. That's why I love the Reading Phillies bold move of re-branding their team name and becoming the Reading Fightin Phils. 

It's basically the same name, has a nice reference to nickname (The Fightin's) that many fans have used for years and caused everyone to talk about the team for two weeks in November.

Many of the locals, who had enraged red faces for the past few weeks, should notice the tint in their cheeks subside just in time for spring to arrive. They'll head out to the same great ballpark, park for free, experience the same great atmosphere, pay the same great low prices, watch the same great quality of play, with the same great family crowds in 2013. 

The only people who would actually refuse to watch Reading's Double-A team next year, because their name was slightly adjusted, should seek immediate mental health treatment for the condition known as: "Get-over-yourself-and-grow-up".
Baseball cards

For those of us who are old enough to remember
When Baseball Cards were King, the spring is always a special time of year.

Bygone days spent with elementary school days and family members opening packs of Topps cardboard gold never truly fade away.
Classic Headline Topic: The Best Phillies of the Current Era

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Classic Headline Topic: Pete Rose's date with history.

Pete broke Ty Cobb's hit record on 9/11/85. The man was unique in the annals of baseball history. 

For those who are interested, my recent feature comments on Rose's time with the Phillies and the complex feelings that many of us have about his gambling issues:
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Recent Headline Topic: Bernie Parent interview

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Classic Headline: Three Flyers' Legends

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