Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Andy Reid's Philadelphia Eagles' Era

Headline Topic: Andy Reid 

Two more games, one of which will be played at the Link in Philly, seems to signal the coming end of the Andy Reid era. 

I, for one, am not cheering the man's departure. But, I also understand if the team decides to "move in another direction", buy him out and move forward. 

What he has gone through with his son and to an infinitely lesser degree, this season, has been too much. 

If this is to be the end, all the best to you and your family Andy. 

Recent Headline Topic: Phillies

Anyone who truly knows the game fully understands that predicting who will and who won't make the big leagues is a crap shoot. 

Many major league scouts who I had the pleasure to speak with while I was working for the SWB Red Barons in the 1990s told me that a variety of factors (most of which aren't controllable) combine to affect most "prospects" lives. 

The Phillies Top Prospects (as analyzed by the ever-great Baseball America) is out. The list is always worth a look.

I believe that the Phillies' farm system has improved during the past few seasons, is producing players again and will continue to do so. It just might lead the team's resurgence as well.
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Classic Headline Topic: Bernie Parent interview

Based upon strong response, I'm re-posting the links to my series about interviewing Bernie Parent. 

Here is a link to Part 1 in my series about that interview: 
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Classic Headline: Three Flyers' Legends

Each of these Flyers' legends (Brian Propp, Dave Poulin and Tim Kerr) deserved their own feature article:

Here is a link to the story about Propp: 

Classic Headline Topic: MMA Phenomena

I encourage fans of any sport to attend one of these events when you can. The excitement of the crowd and the efforts of the fighters will likely win you over to this superb athletic adventure.

Here is my most recent feature article about a live XFE Cage Wars event that I attended.
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