Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Become an NHL, MLB, NFL or NBA Sports Writer

How does someone become a sports writer?

The internet can make the world appear to be fully accessible. It's not. A series of steps need to be taken by most people who try to reach their goals. 

This story presents my path. But, there are many alternative options. So, tailor this information to your own life. 
Of course, there are individuals who have existing personal  (family/friendship) connections that lead them through the front door. For me, that hasn't been the case. 
Covering a Flyers' game doesn't happen by chance. I've followed the team since I was a boy in the 1970s. I later graduated from high school and from college with a Communications degree. 
I also worked in the Phillies' farm system (for their Triple-A team that was formerly located in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA) where I handled public relations duties in the Red Barons' front office. 

During my career I've also worked as a "stringer" (think freelancer) for a print newspaper for five years and have been paid to write by companies in the business world on a full-time basis. 

Having adapted my print skills to the online world a few years ago allowed me to get to the point where I'm at today...

(The continuation of this story, along with additional locker room photos, will be published in tomorrow's post.)
Classic headline: Those great hockey cards
Nothing topped the meaning that these hockey cards still hold. Here is the special feature that still ranks among the most-read articles that I've written since 2011: 
Topps Hockey Card Mystery is Revealed.
Classic Headline: Three Flyers' Legends

Each of these Flyers' legends (Brian Propp, Dave Poulin and Tim Kerr) deserved their own feature article:

Here is a link to the story about Propp: 
Some GREAT WEBSITES from some fine digital friends:

The Sports Critic by Raymond Bureau

Positive Calm by Solvita Bennet

Meltzer's Musings via Bill Meltzer at 

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These are some of the high achievers I've had the opportunity to interview...
Not just sports though...
Baseball cards

Bygone days spent with elementary school days and family members opening packs of Topps cardboard gold never truly fade away. 

Here is my special feature that highlights many of our collective childhood memories:  When Baseball Cards were King.
Classic Headline Topic: MMA Phenomena
Here is my most recent feature article about a live XFE Cage Wars event that I attended. I encourage fans of any sport to attend one of these events when you can. The excitement of the crowd and the efforts of the fighters will likely win you over to this superb athletic adventure.

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