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Use free will to express your talent

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Use free will to express your talent

Developing the idea for, preparing to write, writing, editing, working through the publishing process for, and now marketing my illustrated children's book was hardly easy. This process also didn't happen by random chance and didn't result through good timing. 

I chose to collaborate with a number of individuals (most importantly the Woytovich family and my illustrator Melissa Lascala) to create what has become an important entry into the children's book world. 

I have no qualms about using the word 'important' in my last statement because alopecia (the disease at the center of the story) has been undistinguished for too long. Children like Madison Woytovich haven't had their story fully told in the manner in which this book reveals it until now. 

Thank you to everyone across North America, in Europe, Asia, India and in other places across the globe who have been strongly supporting the cause that this book promotes. This effort, which took more than two years to bring to fruition, clearly represents one of the most meaningful parts of my entire professional career, which covers nearly one-quarter century. 

I always try to encourage all of my students and now, all of my readers, to use their free will to express their God-given talents every single day of their lives. That ideological advice is based upon the idea that human beings aren't at the top of the chain, but are also simultaneously unique and important.

The last two sentences underscore an underlying message of the book.

Links to my new illustrated children's book ...

Use this link --->>Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile to see a free preview of the Amazon eBook edition. 

50% of all proceeds from the sale of our book (in both print and eBook forms) are being donated to the Children's Alopecia Project (CAP).

Feel free to use, or share, this link--->>Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile to purchase the printed book directly from CAP.


Here's a link to this great (print and online) article that the Reading Eagle recently published about our story Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile: Book chronicles Wyomissing teen's journey since being diagnosed with alopecia


Thank you to Stacey Stauffer (Fox 29 Philadelphia). She interviewed Madison Woytovich, her parents (Jeff and Betsy Woytovich) and me about the latest chapter in this inspiring story. Here's a video link to Stacey's wonderful feature. 

A recent post ...

Interest surged in my Twitter account just a few hours after I had written a feature about Michael Muhney of CBS' 'The Young and The Restless'. 

More than just a talented, hard-working thespian, Muhney is also a family man who chooses to be involved in important charity work. One of those causes is: The LA Cancer Challenge, which benefits pancreatic cancer research. Click on that link when you get a chance. It's worthwhile.  


Every social media connection has helped my online features to generate millions (yes, millions) of internet hits since Labor Day weekend 2010. I remain deeply grateful to everyone for the attention that's been given to these sports, news and interview articles. I never expected this embrace, but am genuinely humbled by it.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- is the number 1 online publishing platform in the world. That's why I used it to publish my first ebook: 

This mini-tome is a collection of stories and poems for readers who don't take themselves too seriously. I hope that you enjoy it and am always interested in your feedback. 


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