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Social Media Friends: Invaluable, Important Resources

I adapted my old print (newspaper) skills to the online world on Labor Day weekend 2010. Since that time I've amassed over 4 million hits on my sports, news and interview features for a variety of online outlets. Social media connections (aka friends) have been the main factor driving this ongoing success. 

Exceeding expectations

Approximately four years ago I was hoping to find some way to develop an alternative income by using my current skills. The unexpected growth of where online writing has taken me in my career and my life can't be fully expressed within this digital space. Suffice it to say, I'm always amazed at how many regular readers of my features there are and where these individuals are located around the globe. What I've gained from these connections is immeasurable. 

Applying information to your own life

My advice to anyone who wants to try and actually earn a living by writing online (about any topic) is to first make, maintain and continue creating as many genuine social media connections as you possibly can. Doing so will take a great amount of time and consistent commitment. 

However, just as with real-life connections, these human links will begin to pay off in unanticipated ways. Most importantly, beyond any business pursuits, you will find that genuine friendships will result from social media pursuits. And the many great people who I've gotten to know since 2010 are certainly worth writing about.

Thank you  

Thank you to the thousands (yes, thousands) of people who I've interacted with directly through social media during this decade. Always remember that I will continue helping you, as you have helped me, whenever and however I can.


My illustrated children's book: Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile officially became a Top 10 Amazon best-seller as of January 29, 2014. The print and ebook editions were initially released in August, 2014.

This amazing real-life story remains within Amazon's Top 100 rankings this month (April, 2014). The book previously appeared within Amazon's Top 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 illustrated children's books during the past five months. 

I couldn't be more pleased at the worldwide response to this story. Every connection helps to raise awareness about an important children's cause. 

Children's Alopecia Project

50% of all proceeds from the sale of our book (in both print and ebook forms) are being donated to the Children's Alopecia Project (CAP).

What a ride

This incredible and unexpected ride began in the spring of 2011. By August 2013, the book was published by the Children's Alopecia Project in print form. We have been very pleased with sales of that edition. Use, or share, this link --->>Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile to purchase the printed book directly from CAP.

I published a special ebook edition within weeks of the print book release. After starting in the tens of thousands (in terms of Amazon's children's book rankings), Maddie broke into the Top 50 just prior to Christmas. It climbed through the 30s and settled in the upper 20s before breaking into the Top 10.  

Use, or share, this link --->>Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile to see a 'free-view' of the special ebook edition. 

I've included extra bonus features in this version that provide background information, extra photos, and illustrations. Each item helps to tell the complete story of this book's birth. 

Here's a link to this great (print and online) article that the Reading Eagle recently published about our story Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile: Book chronicles Wyomissing teen's journey since being diagnosed with alopecia


Thank you to Stacey Stauffer (Fox 29 Philadelphia). She interviewed Madison Woytovich, her parents (Jeff and Betsy Woytovich) and me about the latest chapter in this inspiring story. Here's a video link to Stacey's wonderful feature. 


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This mini-tome is a collection of stories and poems for readers who don't take themselves too seriously. I hope that you enjoy it and am always interested in your feedback. 

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