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A Model's Life: An interview with Kourtney Reppert

(Information about Kourtney Reppert can be accessed through her Facebook page, or through her Instagram account.) 

Consider someone who values a quote from Abraham Lincoln, the humor of Adam Sandler, appreciates the depth of Schindler's List and the lightheartedness of A Night at the Roxbury.

Those are just some of the diverse influences that a model from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania discussed recently. Who is the person behind the pretty face that brightens this articles' words? You are about to discover what life is like behind the scenes in the modeling world.

Small town influences
Kourtney Elizabeth Reppert grew up in Leesport, Pennsylvania. The small town, which is about an hour from Philadelphia, is a place where everyone knows each other. The people who live there work hard and are dedicated to their families and friends.
Many people set prudent goals and then move towards them. Some think beyond what can smoothly be attained and instead strive for their dreams. Kourtney is one of those individuals.
"I want to be successful as a model, while also remaining an overall happy and grateful person," Kourtney said.
Strong family base
A solid family environment often allows someone to build their life's foundation.
"I have three older sisters (Karla, Kelly and Kristie) who are all beautiful. My Mom (Kathy) and Dad (David) are very loving and supportive. They provided me with a great childhood.
"My Mom always told me that I had a special spark. When I was three-years-old my sisters would dress me up, put make-up on me and fix my hair in pigtails."
Role models
"My Mom had a tough time growing up because her Mom passed away when she was young. She always tried to raise my sisters and I the best that she could. She is my best friend.
"Good loving parents set people up for a good life. Everything starts with the family."
Kourtney had an active social life and was a member of the cross country, swimming, field hockey and basketball teams when she was at Schuylkill Valley High School. After graduating, she decided to attend Kutztown University.
"I always had good communication skills and did well in sales. So, initially I pursued a degree in sales and marketing. I also loved softball and pitched on the team at Kutztown."
Creating a career
Kourtney adapted her career goals in 2006, after a number of people suggested that she had the qualities needed to become a model.
"I admired many people who were models when I was growing up, especially Pamela Anderson (famous for being on Baywatch). She was the girl next door."
Establishing a career in modeling is not easy. The path involves heavy competition and rejection.
"I loved what I was doing and the way I felt when I was doing it. I wasn't going to take no for an answer. In a world of no's, you can also hear yes."
In 2007, she joined ModelMayhem , which is a Facebook-style site for male and female models, photographers, as well as make-up and wardrobe artists.
Constellation Energy offered Kourtney her first paid modeling position. Following that success, she landed a number of advertising print work assignments.
Friends and frenemies
Kourtney worked through the normal trial and error period that everyone experiences during the initial stages of their careers. But, she kept moving forward by relying on her well-formed instincts.
"You have to have a tough skin in the business. It was hard at first and you have to be on top of your game. The support of my family and friends has been very important to me along the way."

Kourtney Reppert: A Model's Life – Part 2

Diversifying her interests

Kourtney deepened her career potential when she obtained an Esthetician's license at the Lancaster School of Cosmetology in 2010. The training she received in the cosmetic care and treatment of skin and hair, allowed her career to expand.
Obtaining the designation allowed Kourtney to use her skills and experience to help women make their best beauty choices. It also empowered her to offer the Ivo Pitanguy skin care line to many individuals.
"My license allows me to offer a range of professional applications. Through this work I'm able to make people feel good about themselves, which makes me feel good about myself."
Kourtney also noted that Ivo Pitanguy donates one hundred percent of their profits, from the line that she promotes, to charitable causes.
The importance of a good photographer
"If the connection isn't good, it's like a bad date."
At times, a photographer can get a great shot when a shoot first begins. At other times, many hours might be needed until the perfect image is captured.
"dms graphix photography has shaped my modeling career. They are amazing people to work with. It's all about that connection with the photographer and timing when the pictures are being taken."
Experience and preparation
Years of training and focused preparation allows the best professional experience to take place.
"On the day of a shoot, I wake up, take a cold shower and do a mini-workout. Then, I relax for a bit before heading out. Depending on the job, I might do my own makeup. If a make-up artist is provided, that person will help me prepare at the site of a shoot."
One element that can't be seen when looking at photographs that have been taken is the music that was playing during a photography session. Music can establish a mood that helps a model transition into a mental state of preparedness.
"Music makes you feel. Certain songs affect certain people in positive, or negative ways. I like to choose my own music for a shoot, because doing so gives me more energy during it."
Kourtney puts her self into a state of mind using methods that are similar to professional actors. She sifts through past experiences that allows her to generate emotional responses. Those responses then create different looks that can be captured by the camera.
"I'm a character playing myself, or I'm myself playing a character. Modeling is a way to express yourself.
"If I'm in love, I show it to the camera. If I'm sad, that emotion will be seen. If I'm happy, my smile is endless."
Sports highlights
Kourtney's images have appeared on the Philadelphia Flyers website and on a Philadelphia Phillies' opening day poster.
"I was a tomboy growing up, so naturally I wanted to do a shoot that involved sports.
"The only reason I could stay up late when I was younger is because my Dad would let me watch hockey. I would always want to watch the (Philadelphia) Flyers."
Building her port
In the modeling business, the term 'port' is used as a shortened form of the word portfolio. A portfolio contains a person's professional work.
"My main goal is to get exposure in popular print magazines. Many career doors can open when that happens."
Reflecting and looking forward
Kourtney's professional career has expanded greatly during the past few years. Her experiences have created new opportunities that she continues to pursue each day.
"I have traveled a lot. Flew in private plane and went to a private island. I visited the Playboy Mansion and have met amazing people in the worlds of sports and entertainment."
Never one to be satisfied with her accomplishments, Kourtney is continuing to move forward with a positive spirit and a focused mind.
"I have grown a lot over the years and it has been a nice ride so far. I think attitude is everything and I have learned that you always have to keep working harder as you pursue your dreams.

"There is something inside of me that tells me to keep going. If you love something and you are good at it, why stop?"
(Information about Kourtney Reppert can be accessed through her Facebook page, or through her Instagram account.) 

(I hold all copyrights to this article which originally appeared on Yahoo's Voices platform in 2011.)


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