Sunday, August 5, 2012

Philadelphia Phillies' News

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Halladay looked really good against the Diamondbacks last night. That is great news for the Phillies. If he can continue to prove that he's fully healthy, there will be one less worry, heading into the offseason.

The idea that they should shut him down is wrong. Unless his arm starts to hurt (due to a reoccurance of the injury) he must continue to build arm strength.

Worley has an elbow issue that may require surgery, so it's okay to shut him down. But, let 'Doc' keep operating.


Extending Laviolette's contract was the expected and right move. Hopefully the season starts on time and he has a more healthy squad to lead this season.

Baseball cards

For those of us who are old enough to remember When Baseball Cards were King, the spring is always a special time of year.

Bygone days spent with elementary school days and family members opening packs of Topps cardboard gold never truly fade away.


Here is a hockey story that all ice fans will like: The mystery behind these 1970s Topps hockey cards is revealed.

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