Monday, March 4, 2013

Philadelphia Flyers: Behind the Scenes - Part 2

My photo, taken inside the Philadelphia Flyers' locker room on March 2, 2013.

I took this photo of the gathered media throng around Claude Giroux in the Philadelphia Flyers' locker room. Notice the time on the wall, the white board that lists all interview subjects on the far left, the posted exclamation on the top left wall and above the doorway on the right. 

Interviews are held within an inner room, where players keep their equipment, etc. This is where they guys gather between periods as well. 

Each player has received various levels of media training, depending upon the length of their stay in the organization. 

Television crews, newspaper beat reporters, statistic-based staff, the Flyers online TV staff, freelancers, staff personnel and others are allowed in "The Room". 

Decorum and protocol exists in this work space, as it does in any place of employment. 

Having worked on a full-time basis in professional baseball, as a "stringer" reporter for a newspaper and working as an online freelancer writer, I must tell you that these jobs are not easy. Anyone who believes otherwise, or that everyone who works in this manner has achieved what they have through "luck" is wrong.

Education, experience and creating connections takes time, effort and persistent resilience. All seasoned professionals and aspiring  younger people who I've worked with over the years understand these concepts.

Tomorrow: How the players handle the interview process. 
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Philadelphia Flyers' Legends

Each of these Flyers' legends (Brian Propp, Dave Poulin and Tim Kerr) deserved their own article. So, that's why these three features were written...

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Last, but not least, here's Kerr's link:
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