Monday, July 8, 2013

Philadelphia Phillies: Consequences of Ryan Howard's Recovery Time

The results of Ryan Howard's MRI on his left knee could change the trajectory on this Philadelphia Phillies' trade season. There are a variety of paths that could be taken as soon as medical information is confirmed. Here are three of them:

1. Major knee surgery needed: Trading Darin Ruf at any point this season, or during the off-season, wouldn't be wise. It would be unknown as to when Howard would truly be healthy again and retaining Ruf serves as an insurance policy at first base. 

Of course obtaining a one-year 'rental' first baseman could be considered if Ruben Amaro believes his team can make a playoff push. 

2. Minor knee surgery needed: While Howard's return to action could be as soon as September, keeping Ruf through the end of the 2013 season would certainly seem wise.  

3. No surgery needed: It's fair to estimate that Howard still won't be  back for at least a month in this 'best-of' outcome. Ruf will play most games at first base until then, potentially increasing his trade value for the off-season.


In any of the above scenarios, the Phillies remain in a Limbo-like state. Howard has an increasing history of injuries and is in his mid-30s. 

With three more guaranteed years on his contract, he's highly unlikely to be wearing anything other than red pinstripes (on, or off, the bench). So, ongoing alternative plans will be required.  

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)
Thank you to Stacey Stauffer (Fox 29 Philadelphia). She interviewed Maddie Woytovich, her parents (Jeff and Betsy Woytovich) and me on July 2, 2013 about the latest chapter in this inspiring story. The feature will be shown on an upcoming newscast. 

Professional reporters and video journalists are vital in an ever-changing media world. Stacey and the Fox staff were first-rate. 

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