Saturday, September 15, 2012

Can the Philadelphia Phillies Continue Their Pace?

Headline Topic I:  Phillies current pursuits

It would be too easy to say that every  game is a must-win for the Phillies, but most are. Stomping the Astros last night needs to lead to another win tonight. 

The Dodgers victory over the Cards allowed the  Phils to pull back within 3 games of the Wild Card Spot, to pass the Brewers, and to tie the Pirates in this supplemental playoff race.

With 17 games to go, Philadelphia is attempting to gain postseason access in a manner in which it hasn't before. I truly don't know if they can do it, but hope to see pressured action until the very end.  

If you have read it, or choose to open this link now, I hope that a recent Yahoo Sports feature adds to your baseball experience:  Philadelphia Phillies Pressured by Time 

Classic Headline Topic: The anniversary of Pete Rose's 4,192 hit.

Pete broke Ty Cobb's hit record on 9/11/85. The man was unique in the annals of baseball history. 

For those who are interested, my recent feature comments on Rose's time with the Phillies and the complex feelings that many of us have about his gambling issues:
Phillies' great Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, and baseball justice

Classic Headline Topic: Three Flyers' Legends

I enjoyed writing two features this week about Brian Propp, Dave Poulin, and Tim Kerr. 
These three Flyers are among the best in team history, so it was natural to pass my 'writing puck' from Propp, to Poulin, and then to Kerr (on the power play of course) during the past three days.

It was great to see both Propp and Poulin at the Winter Classic Alumni game last New Year's Eve Day and to be with them in the locker room after the game. Both are classy gentleman.

Kerr wasn't involved with the game, but it was interesting to learn that he has done some marvelous charity work for children since retiring. 

Here is a link to the story about Propp: 

The link to Poulin's piece: 
Philadelphia Flyers' Captain Dave Poulin Earned Permanent Respect

Last, but not least, Kerr's link became available today:
Philadelphia Flyers' Tim Kerr Was a True Power Forward


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