Sunday, April 28, 2013

Making Connections With Celebrities and Other Public Figures

Many people have asked me over the years how I've gotten to meet and interview athletes, actors, models and other public figures. 

These connections happened because a relationship was developed ahead of time. 

Regarding sports: Connections need to be developed and maintained with teams. Through that, access to personnel and players becomes possible. 

In terms of the entertainment industry: Your personality, social media reach and established credibility help to create your credentials and provides a platform to help promote interesting personal stories.

Relentless persistence is a term that I've used before in my blog Insight. What that means is this: I never stop exploring new avenues. And by that I mean both personally and professionally.

Of course, all efforts don't pan out. But, some do and that's the point. 

So, I ask other people who want to make connections: 

*What have you done in the past to pursue your goals? (That establishes a framework for me to understand where the person has been.)

*What are you doing today? (Current efforts, projects, etc.)

What are your plans for the future? (Definable goals.)

Consider what I've said above and then click on any of the links below. You will learn more when you read what has been written and when you read between the lines.
Interviews with famous athletes and sports' personalities...

Martin Brodeur: Discusses His Record-Setting Shutout Total and Key Rivalries 
Allison Baver: US Olympian Facing Every Challenge

Interviews with broadcasters, actors, models and more...

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