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Social Media: Celebrity Interviews Boost SEO

The internet is filled with easy access to information. Interviews with well-known individuals in any field is obviously good for SEO, but they also help to establish and maintain a writer's credibility. 

Concerning sports' coverage: Credentialed members of the media are provided access to games and to players. Asking how someone becomes credentialed is similar to asking how you met your spouse, how you got your job or how you came to buy your house. 

It's a process that generally requires establishing a reputation. In today's world reputations are built, in-part, online. 

Most importantly, relentless persistence will allow progress to be made. Every effort won't lead to advancement and every closed door won't always remain shut. 

How does someone get to interview a future Hall of Fame goaltender? 

Read this interview. Then click on the the links that I've placed below it. Answers will be found along the way. 

There are many ways to pursue your dreams. My way has worked for me and can offer direction for others who want to succeed. There are obviously many other (as well as many better) ways to realize your goals in life. 

Be open to taking risks and never doubt that you deserve a chance to make it. You might not always succeed, but you won't if you don't keep trying and never stop. And I mean NEVER STOP. 
My Exclusive Interview: Martin Brodeur

I spoke with New Jersey Devils' goaltender Martin Brodeur after his team defeated the Philadelphia Flyers 3-0 on April 18, 2013. 

Brodeur won his first National Hockey League game on March 26, 1992, when the Devils defeated the Boston Bruins 4-2. He initially wore number 29, before switching to his trademark number 30. During the past two-plus decades this 1990 first round draft choice (twentieth overall) recorded 121 shutouts, scored three goals, reached numerous other high marks and has redefined the art of goaltending. 

I've learned through the years that individuals who achieve and then maintain greatness in any field share common character traits. With that subjective point in mind, it was reaffirming to hear what this high-achiever had to say. 


Brodeur replied to my question about the elements that create a shutout in very telling form:

“It's a team game. That's the bottom line. If you don't have a team that's committed to play a certain way in front of you, you're not getting shutouts. You can't do it by yourself.

“Once in awhile you can stand on your head. But, I think when you get a bulk of as many as I've gotten through the years, it's the commitment of the team.

“When it's 3-0, it's easy to try to get the fourth goal, or to win 3-1. Who cares? 

"But, when you take pride and people want your goalie to have them (shutouts), it's a big difference,” Brodeur said.

The affable legend is set to turn 41 on May 6. As he plays out the final games on his current contract (that runs through 2013-14), this 20-season veteran has the clearest understanding of what the Devils-Flyers' rivalry means.

“Oh yes, it's great. We have a couple teams, especially in the area because there are so many teams around. I'm sure the Flyers will tell you the same.

“The Rangers-Flyers and a little bit of the Islanders. I'm sure it's going to grow in the next few years because they (the Islanders) are getting better and better.

“But, for us to come into this building, it's always a fun game,” Brodeur said.

Digital hockey card

Clicking on the back of this veteran's digital hockey card reveals that he ranks first in NHL history in the following categories:

Games played (1,217). Patrick Roy is second (1,029).
Minutes played (71,609). Roy is second (60,235).
Wins (667). Roy is second (551).
Shots against (30,513). Roy is second (28,353).
Saves (27,853). Roy is second (25,807).
Shutouts (121). Terry Sawchuk is second (103).
Playoff shutouts (24). Roy is second (23).

Someone who won the Calder Cup, five Jennings trophies, four Vezina trophies, three Stanley Cups, has a .913 career save percentage and a 2.23 career GAA will obviously be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Any reasonable debate about the greatest goaltenders of all-time, using any criterion, should always include this Quebec native's name.

(Martin Brodeur photo credit - Sean O'Brien)
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