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Terrorists Aren't The Only Ones Who Want Us To Fight

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The bombings at the Boston Marathon were acts of terror. But, terrorists aren't the only people who want to create dissent. 

People we know in our everyday lives attempt to insight discord by politicizing each terrorist event that's occurred in recent history. 

Don't look for the name of either United States major political party in these lines, as you won't find an ally of either here. 

The terrorists who create various events (or the terrorist who creates just one) don't (doesn't) simply want to create destruction. These people also want to create ongoing division

Many people obviously took the 9/11 bait and then used it to attack their fellow Americans. Since that day others have used other public acts of terror to shout their political views, or not-so-hidden support for whatever candidate, into the world. 

Don't be fooled into believing that terrorists are the only ones who  want disharmony. There have always been and will always be people who want to tear down what the United States represents, flaws and all. 

Those individuals offer some idealized world as a replacement goal. Their motives and actions have been, are and will remain dangerous.

In my opinion (which isn't a fact) those personality types are terrorist enablers. Some of those people aren't aware of that point. Others knowingly embrace it.

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