Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Philadelphia Phillies Continue To Be Average

As the Phillies continue to be in and around the .500 line this season, one has to wonder what the July 31 trade deadline will bring?

This team clearly isn't a World Series' contender. It's also a stretch to think that they will be heavily involved in the 2013 playoff chase. 

While matters can change, a further transformation of this once-great squad seems inevitable. With that this second 'Golden Era' will have ended. Hopefully, whatever comes next leads to more winning ways.
As we consider the potential of the 2013 MLB draft, I decided to highlight one of my most popular fan-related features:

5 Traits of Hardcore Philadelphia Phillies' Fans

Supporters of this Philadelphia baseball team have only been rewarded for their loyalty twice: 1980 and 2008. Other than that, it's been a rather long slog. 

Yes, the first 'Golden Age' in the 1970s and early 1980s and the current era (post-2000) have been great (along with 1993). But, the core of who most fans are has been formed through a deep love for the game and an honest desire to see a strong effort, despite the final results of any game. 

This feature was written for laughs and has generated thousands (yes, thousands) of hits. Without further 'cheesesteakery', here are those noted 5 traits...
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