Friday, October 14, 2011

Flyers - Richards' return and all that surrounds it

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Flyers - 

As the matchup with the Kings approaches tomorrow, the Mike Richards situation takes center stage.

Consider this - no one made countless comments about Simon Gagne when he was traded to Tampa Bay last summer.

But, there have been and will be many about Richards' move to Los Angeles.  (Of course Simon is with him there now as well, but still no conversation about his past impact on the team, reason for leaving, etc.)

This is not the first time that a situation with a former Flyers captain has developed over the years. However, in the high-pressure world of sports and in the high stakes world that is Philly hockey, transitions like these are not surprising.

Richards was and is a solid player. Should he have been made a captain so soon in his career? ....and many other questions like that are all very relevant.

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