Saturday, October 1, 2011

Phillies - Cardinals Game 1 & Flyers' notes

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Phillies -

As with past playoff years, the weather may play a factor in Game 1. (The Yankees and Tigers had their own first playoff game suspended because of rain.)

The Phillies really need Roy Halladay to have the opportunity to do what he does for a full game, without weather distractions. That gives them their best shot to win right out of the playoff box.

While Halladay is not invincible, he certainly is a red light player.

Flyers -

Meanwhile, off in Flyerville... They face the Devils tonight as the preseason begins to wind down.

Credit to coach Peter Laviolette, Captain Chris Pronger, and other players like returning veterans Danny Briere for keeping this team's motor running through a number of offseason transactions.

Each of Paul Holmgren's moves were designed to move the team forward in hopes of winning the Cup.

The Flyers are one of the classiest organizations in all of sports. That leadership starts with Ed Snider and is felt throughout the entire organization.

They always try to win and no one can ask for more than that. That honesty has built fan loyalty and a consistently competitive place in the NHL.  

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