Saturday, September 17, 2011

Might the Phillies include an Iron Pig on their playoff roster?

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Phillies - 

With a postseason place already secured, the team has begun to look forward. 

Arranging the pitching rotation in the last few weeks of the season, getting positional players some much needed rest and hoping further injuries don't crop up are all on the table now. 

The 'possibility' of Triple A commodities like left-hander Joe Savery, right-hander Justin DeFratus, outfielder Domonic Brown, or pinch hitter Brandon Moss have a chance to play postseason ball. However, they will each need to prove that they deserve that during the remaining games of this season. 

In order for a minor league player to actually make the playoff roster a few scenarios would have to be in place. 1. An injury to a current Phillie takes place. 2. A current Phillie is simply seen as ineffective. 3. The minor leaguer is so dynamic that he can't logically be left off the roster. 

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