Monday, September 26, 2011

Phillies - Braves dilemma & Flyers' Winter Classic

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Phillies -

Here is the rub for the Phils. Sweep Atlanta and earn their greatest regular season win total (102) of all time, or don't.  

If they don't, the Braves might be the Wild Card team edging out the St. Louis Cardinals. 

The Cards have been hot and would be the Phillies initial playoff opponent.  Probably not the best matchup. 

The Phillies could also finish with less than 102 wins and still face the Cards. 

That's baseball. 

Flyers -

Meanwhile, off in Flyerville... the Winter Classic was officially announced.

What a cool event! One of the best ideas the NHL has implemented in a long time.

Looking very forward to the January festival against the Rangers in Citizens Bank Park.

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