Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phillies 101 wins, Charlie Manuel and Blanton + A Flyers trade?

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Phillies -

Charlie Manuel can top Gene Mauch as the winningest manager in Phillies' history if his team wins the last game of the season. Otherwise, he will get his 646th next season.

Joe Blanton pitches tonight in Atlanta. It's an apparent playoff tune-up, as Joe has fortunately found himself healthy and on the right side of an open roster spot. (Caused mostly by the recent pitching woes of some of his other bullpen mates.)

Flyers -

Meanwhile, off in Flyerville... Tim Panaccio is reporting that  Scott Hartnell could be traded back to Nashville for cap reasons.

Hartnell has had a mixed Flyers' career, so this would not be a shock if it happened.

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