Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phillies 102 - enjoy the here and now & Flyers notes

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Phillies -

Win #102 in extra innings. Wow!

Charlie Manuel also simultaneously earned the most wins of any manager in team history. A status this hard working, honest guy, truly deserves. 

His critics will never see the reality of what he means to this team and genuinely believe all the rest of us don't see their unprovable points. I suppose that is because their theories about him were wrong and they can't admit that to themselves.

Try to encourage those who are worried about what the playoffs may bring, or what it will be like in future seasons when this team may not be as great. Those personalities may be the type to think that way about everything in their lives. 

We are standing at a great moment in history, regardless of what the future brings. 

Long-time, or short-term, fans have earned this pleasure. Enjoy it!!!   :-)

Flyers -

Meanwhile, off in Flyerville... the team needs to get off to a good start when the season begins for more than the regular reasons of winning.

Nothing helps a bunch of new players mix into the system like success.

Are they ready? How will the roster look on October 6?

Questions still to be answered.

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