Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr. + Sports and Social Change

This information has been re-posted in its entirety again this year. I believe that the contents will (or should) always be relevant, as you will now see:


Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for the inclusion of people who he believed were left out of society.

As a Christian minister he chose to follow the path of non-violent social protest to accomplish his goals. He surrendered his life for his beliefs and in return helped to create better lives for an infinitely untold number of people.

He worked in the arena of social change.

Another method to change society is called politics, which is an attempt to legislate life. That approach is needed sometimes when wrongs need to be righted, but is laden with understandable constraints.


Sports has developed into one of the greatest vehicles for achieving social change in modern society, because progress is 'pushed' through a different dynamic.

Fans root for everyone on their 'team' to succeed. That inclusive mentality creates an ever-evolving awareness that all people have unique talents and abilities.

There is no doubt in my mind that sports has leveled the social playing field for many young athletes. It has and will continue to bring people together to root for common causes.

Like any part of life, sports isn't perfect. But, in the end it will continue to promote the equality of all people.

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