Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pennsylvania Should Leave Penn State/NCAA Sanctions Topic Closed

Penn State/NCAA Sanctions and politics

This really isn't political statement. Really, it's not. As such, no politicians' names will be used in this piece.

I believe that people from various political persuasions were involved in the cover-up of Jerry Sandusky's actions. (You will note - as in many of my past pieces on this topic - that Sandusky's name has been used. That's because he was the main problem.)

As a PSU alumni I thought that sanctions would be imposed by the NCAA and was not surprised (or angered) when they were. I fully support them.

While Sandusky was, is and will be the person who was solely responsible for the actions that he took, the manner in which many higher-ups (not just one well-known one) handled that matter had to be addressed and it was.

The idea of now suing the NCAA, even if there is sound legal footing to do so, just feels wrong. You know someone doesn't have to do something just because they can.

In the case of Penn State, everyone wants to "move on". A new regime and atmosphere (among the generally populace) exists in Happy Valley.

I believe that everyone involved will survive the next four years of sanctions and come out the other side better for it. If money is lost through football, so be it. (Bill O'Brien is the right leader to take the program through this period in time.)

Don't exhume the unseemly past purely to make, or win, some legal points.
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