Friday, November 4, 2011

Flyers notes & Phillies hot stove

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Flyers -

Last night's game against the Devils might be replayed at various points this season. When your roster is filled with numerous new players it can be difficult to maintain a consistent approach.

The other factor is injuries. Any team that has someone like Chris Pronger out of the lineup will be affected in some way.

This Flyers squad looks to have promise, but at this point it certainly is not an elite contender. It would not be realistic to expect them to be so. Flyers fans are being realistic about seasonal prospects for success come April.

Phillies - 

After the NLDS situation, this might feel like a longer offseason than last year.

The Cliff Lee Christmas gift understandably made everyone believe that good days were ahead. And they were until mid-September.

Amaro has his work cut out for him in a hot stove season that might be a turning point in this teams future. That's a turning point that could lead in a number of directions, not just up.

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