Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Phillies free agents + Flyers - Sabres - Devils

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Phillies - 

Today, begins the free agent frenzy. 

The most recent teams rumored to be interested in Jimmy Rollins are the Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants and...wait for it...the Washington Nationals. 

Ryan Madson is also rumored to be courted by the Nats. 

Imagine Phillies part 2 in DC with Werth, Rollins and Madson.  Oh my. 

Flyers -

The Flyers played a nice game against a good defensive Sabres team.

Don't forget they were shorthanded, as Pronger, Schenn, Briere and Read did not play.

Jagr continued to look just great on the ice.

Bryzgalov might be settling down in the net. He doesn't look totally comfortable, but was steady enough to help his team win.

The Philly pressure cooker is certainly to continue to cook his casserole.

Next up is the Devils at home on Thursday.

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