Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Penn State & Joe Paterno + Flyers notes

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Penn State - 

Joe Paterno believed that he would be able to control the end of his career, but the PSU Board of Trustees felt otherwise.

There seems to have been some very swift decisions made now that all of this information has hit the fan. It will be interesting to see what time reveals regarding who really knew what, when they knew it and what they did about it.

Every media member in the land pronouncing what they believe about Paterno and how everyone else handled the entire matter, has mostly been done with little direct knowledge of the facts.

It's easy to pile on and so everyone is.

It seems impossible to imagine that not one victim, or their family members went directly to the press about this years ago? or did they?

Where were all of these reporters and their interest throughout the past decade plus that this went unreported?

Am I blaming the media for this situation? Of course not. They are irrelevant to what happened.

What I'm saying is that this information was out there to be had, but most didn't dig for it. Most didn't read between the lines and then push hard for the truth before today.

Flyers -  

Pronger returned to the lineup in Tampa.

The Lightning employed the trap, of all things, and won in OT 2-1.

Let's hope this defensive strategy doesn't return in full force to the NHL. It is a bad way to play the game.

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