Monday, November 7, 2011

Flyers notes + Phillies hot stove speculation

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Flyers - 

The Flyers have a winning record and have the top offense in the NHL. But, they have also played erratically.

It is difficult to imagine that a team that rebuilt 1/2 of it's team could seriously contend for the Stanley Cup this season.

As fans, with reality in mind, hoping for a winning season, a playoff berth and a respectable showing in next spring's playoffs would be progress.

Phillies - 

With Jim Thome back in the fold, other additions can be expected within the next few months.

Drip by drip, or within a few big flashes, everyone will know just how different the 2012 squad will be then the 2011 one.

If the Phillies want to contend for a World Series championship, they will need to add a number of offensive parts to the overall lineup/bench.

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