Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eagles last real gameday? & Flyers' injury news

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Yes, the Eagles are still technically in the playoff hunt. But, how many people really believe the best possible scenario will play out.

If it does, will that lead to a Super Bowl victory?

You can call it rebuilding, revamping, remixing, refreshing, or whatever you choose to term it, but the 'it' that needs to be done is re-starting the season. As in next fall.


The Bruins drubbing was just one of those games where you realize reality. The Flyers are a good team this season, who have been hit hard by recent injuries.

It wouldn't be surprising to see both elements (good talent and ongoing injury concerns) remain with the team through the spring.

Why? Well, their talent is solid and the types of injuries that some players have faced won't go away any time soon.

Rookie Sean Couturier was hit in the head by a puck at yesterday's game. That sent him to the hospital for an overnight stay. The Flyers haven't announced anything yet regarding his condition, but he won't be making the trip to Colorado to play the Avalanche on Monday. Concussion? Wow, if so.

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