Saturday, December 10, 2011

Penn State: Jerry Sandusky and the secular media storm

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Sandusky -

It seems as though the media hasn't sunk it's teeth into the recent news that Sandusky's family apparently was aware of his actions. Excuse me, alleged actions. There is at least one cowardly lawyer who has been paid to claim that he believes that this human being is innocent. 

Clearly the first person who was responsible for all of these actions was Jerry Sandusky himself. Only those humanists who choose to believe that we are all actually higher forms of animals reject that common sense fact.

***By the way - there is no evidence in the fossil record (as in all fossils that have ever been discovered) that any species have ever morphed into any other species. Therefore without logical proof of that having occurred, certain personality types have simply chosen to believe that various life forms evolved into other life forms. And scientists say that those who believe in religion do so on the basis of nothing?

How often have you seen that information?

The bottom line

Sandusky knew that what he was doing was wrong and did so anyway.

In his own family, at least his wife knew that what he was doing was wrong. We don't yet know what she may have done to stop him.

Penn State is a corporation. Yes, it's a land grant institution as well.

It wasn't primarily Penn State's responsibility to stop Sandusky, it was Sandusky's. Then it was his wife's responsibility. After that, it was the responsibility of the rest of his family and the families of those whose children were being abused.

Those who believe in morality understand what is noted above. Those who don't, think that all the rest of us aren't smart enough to see what they do.

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