Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Phillies: Ed Wade's rehire was predicted

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One of the feature articles that I wrote this past summer that received the some of the strongest reaction was when I suggested that Ed Wade should be rehired if he was let go by the Houston Astros as their GM when the season ended.

Wade was fired by the Astros when the season ended and the Phillies have rehired him as a Special Consultant to their Baseball Operations Department.

The former GM's greatest success was evaluating talent. Over the course of time he didn't develop the Pat Gillick-like ability to pull off enough of the right offseason/in-season transactions to put his team over the hump. As a result he never took the Phillies to the playoffs during his tenure and was called out for it.
As Gillick noted in the past, Wade was key to the team drafting many of the core players that won the 2008 World Series.

To bring him back reveals a lot about the Phillies organizational strengths and Ruben Amaro's personal character.

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