Monday, January 2, 2012

Eagles Future + Flyers & the Winter Classic

Happy New Year to everyone who helped me to hit the one million reader mark during the weekend of 12/17/11. My first Yahoo Sports story was published on 2/1/11. 

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The final game against the Washington Redskins was bittersweet win that took the team to the .500 mark at 8-8.

Next season, the Birds must find a way to stop turning over the ball so much and need Vick to remain healthy. With those two elements in place they can return to the playoffs and take their chances.

As for the head coaching and assist coaching matters - time will tell what's done, or whether any changes were needed, took place, or were worthwhile.

Winter Classic

The Flyers and Rangers face off in the Winter Classic in Philadelphia. Magic is one of the words that can best describe what has become one of professional sports best true 'events'.

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