Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Penn State's Football Future & the Ongoing Sandusky-caused Problems

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Penn State

The hiring of Bill O'Brien (no relation to me) is the next step for Penn State's football program.

Regardless of whatever may happen in the courts during an indefinite future, O'Brien will lead a group of young men on the field into uncharted territory.

Who really knows what damage has been done to this University's reputation, or what consequences may be imposed upon their athletic program moving forward.


For me, no matter what anyone says, thinks, feels, or believes, I know that Jerry Sandusky is the person who was, is and will be the most responsible for this entire scandal.

I know that many people have allowed themselves to become overly distracted by all of the other players in this dark sports drama.

Life is messy and not all people are heroes.

Only the self-righteous have said what all of the people who were dragged into that mess should have done. They are wrong and should not be judging a situation that they have never been in.

The most important individuals in this matter were the children who were victimized and their families whose lives were/are affected.

Of lesser importance, were the secondary victims - meaning every other person who was forced to react to the situation....Mike McQueary, Joe Patero, and on and on and on and on.

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