Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When will the Philadelphia Eagles see tomorrow?

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"Owner Jeffrey Lurie's analysis of his team, the coaching staff and the players brings to mind Phillies owner (actually co-owner) Bill Giles somewhere in the mid-late 1980s.".......

That's what I wrote on this blog yesterday...

Today, we really have to ask ourselves how long it will be until the Eagles are of championship caliber?  Sure, they could get into the playoffs next season and then go on a run --under the anything is possible scenario.

But, just as in any corporation/business that we have all worked for - when the owner(top guy/gal) has been convinced by 'their people' that tomorrow isn't that far off, they think it isn't.


If the Eagle tank next season, Andy Reid could very well be gone. Despite what people think, I heard room in Lurie's statement for that.

But, if they remain 'competitive' everyone will continue to live in endless limbo. Wow!

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