Sunday, January 8, 2012

Penn State: Unsolved mystery involving missing DA who investigated Sandusky case

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Penn State: 

Center County District Attorney Ray Gricar has been missing since 2005.

Anytime a DA is missing, a list of many 'enemies' could be considered as potential suspects in what could be a crime.

In this instance - Gricar was the DA who, in 1998, investigated the matters involving Jerry Sandusky that have now become infamous.

Missing hard drive

Gricar disappeared in 2005. His body has never been found since, but his car was found in a parking lot and his laptop computer was found in the Susquehanna river. That laptop was missing its hard drive.

Would someone only keep sensitive information on a hard drive, or would they also back it up?

This speculation doesn't prove, or even implies, that it was connected to the current matter. Right?


Gricar chose not to prosecute in the late 1990s because he must have believed that he didn't have enough conclusive evidence to do so.

There is no evidence that suggests he was a friend of Sandusky, or was somehow persuaded to overlook the matter.

What is the likelihood that a DA who investigated a case of this nature chose to never follow up after the late 1990s?

What information about that case, or any other case, was he in possession at the time of his disappearance?

Gricar is either somehow still alive somewhere, committed suicide, was abducted and then murdered randomly by strangers, or was abducted and then murdered intentionally by people with clear intent.

It seems highly unlikely that he is still alive.

Suicide? No information about personal problems, mental issues, or blackmail exists.

No, there is no evidence that any of that related to the Penn State situation.

But, the entire argument about why this entire matter has remained a secret for so long seems to be missing some logical pieces.

We may never know what actually happened to Gricar.

But, whatever happened to him and his life deserves justice. And so do his family, friends and colleagues.  (The exact same thoughts are currently being offered for the children who were victims in this scandal as well.)
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